Leavy Greave | 7.7% | NE DIPA

Leavy Greave | 7.7% | NE DIPA


Saint Mars Of The Desert 

Leavy Greave | 7.7% | NE DIPA | 440ml

This is a double IPA, we've brewed it once before and we made a few tweaks here because we've learned a bit more about making these lovely beers now. So... lots of Mosaic, lots of Calypso, some Mosaic leaf in our magical basket, it's really just a lovely slightly boozier very fruity NEIPA.

Leavy Greave is an old street name in the centre of Sheffield that we always saw from the bus window and it made us smile. It probably means "leafy grove" and on old maps it looks like there was a wood there.

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