Growler Fill | Another Shadow | 4.2% | Sour | 1/2 PINT

Growler Fill | Another Shadow | 4.2% | Sour | 1/2 PINT

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Polly's Brew Co. 

4 PINT & 1 LITRE cartons (Free) - full or partial fill - price per half pint 

Another Shadow | 4.2% | Sour | 1/2 PINT 

We make no secret of how much our head brewer Lally has expanded our range as a brewery. From his days creating some of the most well regarded classics over at Mad Hatter, we've handed the wheel fully over to our resident sour beer chief to create Another Shadow. A beer with one eye on those amazing triple fruited gose series of beers brewed by our pals up at North, but with a signature Polly's stamp all over it, we've absolutely loaded this beer to the nines with kiwi, lime, pear and honey melon to create a massively fruit-forward Berliner with enough sourness to keep everything in check. Say it with us now! Quadruple!Fruited!Sour!

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