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Closure, Covid, and keeping up

Hi and Welcome to our little news wrap.

Now as you are all aware these are very uncertain times we find ourselves in for the for all aspects if our lives and future, at Ebz we feel that something to look forward to is more important now than ever, and that is exactly what we aim to provide.

We have closed and currently remain closed as the wonderful welcoming venue we have all come to know and love and will continue to stay this way until a few objectives are reached the paramount being the safety of yourselves as customers and ourselves as the providers , in this vein there will be some changes in future including the possibility of expansion to other outlets including our new webstore.

Lee and the team are working hard to get this set up and we hope to launch very soon untill then we are still operating our usual socially distanced collection or delivery.

we will keep you posted with all upcoming plans,changes and building excitement (much needed!) and for the future.

keep in touch either on here or through our social media pages and we look forward to seeing you very soon.

lee, Nick and Dave


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